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Amrita: Do you remember the first time we met? How old were we? 

Cloudy: I'm pretty sure it was one of my first days of high school. You were a cool senior with a short skirt.

A: Lol, probably. 

C: Do you remember the first time we met?

A: I feel like it was at school, or maybe you were with my little sister? In my mind we were in north Avalon, at Munchca, and you were a cool grommet. 

C: A grommet of few words.

A: Well that has changed! Without sounding lame, what's your connection to the sea? 

C: Without sounding lame, I am happiest when I'm in the sea. Surfing is an outlet for me to express what I'm feeling. I practically grew up in the water so I feel most at home when I'm in it.


A: That's not lame at all.
C: Without sounding lame, how do you feel when you dance?

A: Touché! I feel things come into focus and go out of focus...sometimes I'm not thinking about anything other than what I'm doing, which is a good zone because life can be hectic. And I think I try to do way too many things at the same time. I feel an overwhelming feeling of "dont fuck up" but also "this is awesome". If I'm out and on a dancefloor at night then I want to be dazzling in some way. A lot of people think that dance functions purely as this ethereal, expressive, emotive thing — and it can — but alot of the time for me, when I'm making it, it's not. While those things come into it, it usually starts by asking questions and solving them with movement, like: "how does one become displaced in sea of humans?" I feel like when I am dancing or moving with my friends, students or family that I'm very lucky. Lots of feels. 

C: All the feels.

A: Whats your next project?
C: I'm about to release my first short film 'Lo Love You' — it's a love story between two girls.

A: I'm very excited about this.
C: What's a song that makes you want to move?

A: God, so many! 'Never Too Much' by Luther Vandross, anything Nile Rogers ever made, ditto Diana Ross and Drake. 'Firebird Suite' by Stravinsky, Beibs, Debussy, Black Vanilla. Most things — anything but Bon Jovi. I hate that guy.

C: So many!

A: Will you make another film with me?
C: Duh! What will our next film be about?

A: Movement in Hurstville skatepark and an instructional on: how to conquer and dazzle on the dancefloor and in life.



Words by Oyster Magazine