new: dimitri basil x say lou lou

Say Lou Lou: Golden Child

Open your ears to this sun-baked slab of dream-pop from the Swedish-Australian duo's latest album Elektra and Miranda Kilbey-Jansson, the names behind alt-pop duo Say Lou Lou, launch their latest album with this new video shot by Laura Gorun and Dimitri Basil. The honey thick track (a melodic slice of dream-pop with sonic nods to the likes of Bat for Lashes and Lykke Li) finds its perfect partner in Gorun and Basil's visuals; of their luscious landscapes and sweetly stylized compositions, even while the film points toward a darker message. 

“We're frozen in the roles we are dealt, like self-imposed statues”

 "The video is a surreal, dreamlike narrative about false ideas of freedom," the pop duet explain. "Of how we are frozen in the roles we are dealt, like self-imposed statues—imitated, constructed, and systematically kept in our place. Can we break our chains if we can't see them?" Similarly, Gorun and Basil observe that the video "is about being desensitized to violence—it's straight out of A Clockwork Orange."


Text from Nowness

Edited by Marley Hanson