reishi reality - baltic trienniale

Virtual Reality is just a parallel world in which all our states of consciousness, including waking, dreaming and deep sleep may exist at different moments. Each of these modes of being multiplies our access to different states of consciousness by at least a factor of two.


The project was inspired by the seminal text: Moistmedia, Technoetics and the Three VRs by Roy Ascottwhich raises the possibilty of the three modes of consciousness: 

Virtual Reality (interactive digital technology): elematic, immersive.

Validated Reality (reactive mechanical technology): prosaic, Newtonian.

Vegetal Reality (psychoactive plant technology): entheogenic, spiritual.


Bartosh Polonski  Technical Director
Raimondas Kavaliauskas Art Director
Virginija Januskeviciute  CAC Producer
Urtė Milda Širvinskaitė  Wardrobe
Bárbara Prada Castañeda  Assistant 

Thanks to CAC and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia, State Culture Capital Foundation, Riga City Council, Lithuanian Council for Culture, The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, Frame Visual Art Finland, The Boris and Inara Teterev Foundation, VKN, BIRZĪ, Valmiermuižas alus, Gardu Muti, Rīgas Laiks, Delfi.