time lapsus performance - los angeles

2 sets of twinned performers move around the space, as a layer in another time, but occupying the same physical space as 'real' guests at a Hollywood Party. The performance continues at its own pace regardless of what is going on in the party.

There was no intention of this being a audience/performer situation, but rather a co-mingling of situations: that of the guests and the performers, each in their own layer of time. Only the viewer is aware, in retrospect, of both situations.

Marcos Lutyens with Milka Djordjevich

Dorothy Dubrule / Gustine Fudickar
Justin Streichman / Justin Morrison
Wardrobe - Ximena Valero
DoP and Editing - Hashim Thomas
Hair & Make up - Georgina Hamed
Music - Chris Hou
Orchestrator - Vadim Grigorian

Thanks also to Pia Kussrow, Antonin Villers, Annabel Keech and Tamsin Lonsdale.

With the support of Royal Salute.